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Best Upcoming ICOs team investigates best and most promising ICO projects to invest in. Our experts thoroughly check ICO projects and list them by rating based on internal evaluation policies.
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  • What is Crypto Investing?

    Investing is the process of giving a portion of money to someone with the goal to increase this portion of money in the future. Investing is associated with risk, though potential award is much higher in case investor makes just a bank deposit under the yield. Crypto investing is the process of investing into crypto projects which interact with blockchain technologies.

  • What is ICO?

    ICO, or Initial Coin Offering, is the process when the crypto company offers its native digital asset called token to crypto investors. At this stage the token is not traded on the exchange yet. Though this stage is the riskiest for investing, crypto investors gain a chance to buy the token at the lowest possible price to earn as much profit on upcoming trades as possible. Hence, it’s a good chance to test your investing skills in crypto investing.

  • What is Best Upcoming ICOs?

    Best Upcoming ICOs is trustful crypto rating platform created by leading blockchain experts. Within this platform our editorial staff select the best upcoming ICOs, thoroughly evaluate them by list of criteria, and present the results ranging the projects from high rating to low with short description.

  • Why to invest in ICO?

    Initial Coin Offerings are considered to be high-risk investments. Usually, crypto investors invest only the money they can afford to lose. On the one hand, ICO is a tool helping crypto project to raise the funds for development, marketing, licenses, hiring, etc. On the other hand, investors receive an opportunity to make an investment in the project with brilliant ideas, well-thought token economics and experienced team (if they are). The problem is that most of the projects are decentralized and it’s pretty hard to investors to control the way their money is spent. That’s why investing in ICOs is associated with risk. Investors should do their own research of the project before investing into it.

  • How Best Upcoming ICOs evaluate the projects?

    Best Upcoming ICOs gathered a team of seasoned crypto experts who have deep knowledge and experience in blockchain technologies. Best Upcoming ICOs has a team of prominent advisors, blockchain developers, founders and co-founders of crypto projects which were successful during the past years. When evaluating the project each member of Best Upcoming ICOs team evaluate the project by10 criteria (experience of team, whether the project anonymous or not, token economics, social media activity, community size, number of conducted AMA sessions, product development pace, vision, roadmap and its milestones, description of the project). Then the team calculates the average number and publishes it. One should bear in mind that Best Upcoming ICOs team doesn’t give financial advice. Investors should do their own research before they take a decision to be in.

  • How to Invest in ICOs?

    Best Upcoming ICOs developed step-by-step instruction on how to start investing in upcoming ICOs. First of all, the investor should choose the project he/she would like to invest in. Secondly, crypto investing demands some cryptocurrency through which you could start investing (e.g. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, TRON, BNB, etc). Every project specifies its own cryptocurrency it accepts as investment. To buy cryptocurrency via debit/credit card, you will have to create an account on Binance or Coinbase crypto exchanges, go through verification process and acquire some crypto. Thirdly, you will have to follow the instructions in order to invest into the project so that you could get native tokens of the project you invest in. To get these instructions you should reach the team out and ask correspondent questions through official channels of the project you selected for investing. Fourthly, you have to get your tokens. Frequently, token allocations happen after the end of ICO along with smart contract generation event during which the token is created. Most likely, you will have to create a separate decentralized wallet and add the token manually into your wallet.

  • What is Best Upcoming ICOs list?

    Best Upcoming ICOs list is a list project which were selected as the most promising for investing. Projects represented in Best Upcoming ICOs list went through initial checks of our platform, and deserve more attention by investors. Each invest takes his/her own decision whether to invest in crypto project or now. Best Upcoming ICOs list shows projects which have good chances to become solid businesses in the future, though nobody is insured when the business closes down due to some circumstances.

  • How to analyze best upcoming ICOs?

    Each smart investor should do his/her own research before entering any project. The investor should not only study the website, take into consideration the opinion of crypto rating platforms, but also talk to the team members directly through official channels, ask questions, receive the answers on them. Have some time to see how the project is being developed by the team. Take a look if the team keep their word and deliver the results. Investors can take part in different ICO rounds in order to hedge their risks.

  • What are ICO rounds?

    ICO rounds are milestones which determine how and at what prices the project will be allocating the tokens. Usually, the earlier the investor invest into the project, the lower the price for the token is. Duration of the rounds are determined by the team members. Some rounds can have flexible timing and can be prolonged in case the team foreseen it. The later investor invests into the project, the higher the price is, and the lower risk the investor encounters. It happens due to the time which the team could spend on project development having accumulated the money after a few first rounds.

  • What is pre-ICO round?

    Pre-ICO is one of ICO rounds when the team is trying to raise some funds for website development, whitepaper and one-pager creation. Frequently, pre-ICO contains small portion of token offering to close friends, family members and colleagues. Pre-ICO funding helps the team to show the idea, prepare MVP (minimum viable product) for future fund raising from public investors, and start developing the product. Pre-ICO round is considered to be the riskiest round from all ICO rounds, though such investors can purchase project’s tokens at most favorable price.

  • What is the best cryptocurrency project 2023 to invest in?

    According to Best Upcoming ICOs rating list, BlaBlaGame is the best cryptocurrency project 2023 to invest in. The team consists of Ukrainian blockchain developers who integrated a few cryptocurrencies into their game (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Tron, BNB, etc). BlaBlaGame is rock-paper-scissors game on crypto with real users. Investors have a limited chance to purchase some tokens. Unlike other projects, the tokens can instantly be used within the game with other players, or can be staked through native staking platform with multiple options. Investors should remember that BlaBlaGame has its own token for fund raising called BlaBla token (BLA) issues on Ethereum blockchain. BlaBla token has deflationary economy model which is kept by fees charged during the game in this token. It means that the number of tokens in circulation supply is constantly decreasing which will be favorably influenced price in the mid- and long-term. Best Upcoming ICOs assumes the investment risk low, coming to opinion that BlaBlaGame is the best cryptocurrency project 2023 to invest in.

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